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Imagine having your very own playground, basketball court, turf field, 38' inflatable jumper, electronic hologram game, Imagination Playground & picnic area under one giant roof in your back yard! That’s Good Times Park! Buy a membership and it's your family’s Park to play and be active together any day - any time. Leave the electronic games behind and come to the Park. 

  • The wide variety of modern, innovative play options are designed to spark motor development, imagination and team work in a playful, unstructured environment.
  • The self-use business model offers a park-like environment for you to engage in playtime any day/time that fits your busy schedule.

                                           "Encouraging Playful Living"                 Questions?  Contact us.

Memberships or Play Today Passes must be purchased on-line through this website with a credit card either before going to the Park or upon arrival at the Park. Computer stations are located in the Park's secured guest entrance. Once the on-line purchase is complete, your entrance code will appear on the screen. The entrance code must be input into the keypad before entering the Park.

  • Since the Park is secured & unstaffed, the only way to get in is to complete a purchase on-line through this website. If you're planning a visit to the Park, complete the purchase beforehand to avoid a wait to begin playing. 

purchase play today pass

Purchase Now

Purchase & play on the same day!  This 1-day membership provides an entrance code to the Park for only the date purchased.  

  • Free admission for children under 1 year old.
  • Free admission for Responsible Adult(s) age 18 years and older accompanying children.

 **Taxes not included. Prices subject to change.

1 Child $8.00
2 Children $15.50
3 Children $22.50
4 Children $29.00
5 Children  $35.00

Additional packages for group sizes of 6 through 15, 20, and 25 also available at $7.00 (plus tax) per child.

  • After the purchase process is complete, the entrance code will appear on the screen & it will print on the emailed receipt.
  • The entrance code provides all-day access to the Park - Just enter the 5-digit code (plus the # sign) into the keypad by the interior locked door in the guest entrance.
  • The entrance code may be used repeatedly on the date purchased so you may leave & return as needed.
  • Personal information provided for Play Today Pass purchases is deleted nightly.

To purchase more than 25 passes:

  • Purchase the Play Today Pass for 25 children
  • Record your facility entrance code
  • Select continue & then select SHOP ONLINE CATALOG
  • Select Add-On Play Today Pass - Add Many
  • Enter quantity needed, then Checkout Now
  • Add security code from credit card & submit 

birthday parties & small group celebrations

Good Times Park is the perfect place for a children-only birthday party or children group celebration! Simply 'create-your-own' party by purchasing Play Today Passes for each child age 1 through 17 years old and by bringing a birthday snack to enjoy in the picnic area. See above for rates.

Send an email to with the family's last name, date and time of the celebration to pre-register and get your group posted on the Home page of this website. Non-registered groups will not be permitted to use the picnic area.


  • Pre-registration by email is required for capacity planning and providing awareness to others.
  • Maximum registrations permitted: 6 on weekdays & 12 on Saturdays & Sundays
  • Maximum of 2 groups starting at the same time 
  • Groups with over 25 children must be pre-approved to avoid over-crowding, especially during the winter on Friday nights, Saturdays & Sundays. 
  • Registered groups may use a maximum of 2 large tables or 4 small tables up to a maximum of 2 hours. Tables may not be reserved or held more than 20 minutes prior to the start time. 
  • There's seating for nearly 100 people in the picnic area; however, there's no guarantee that tables/chairs will be available, especially between 10-4 on the winter weekends. 
  • Unlimited play time.   
  • Guests may only purchase passes on the day of the event. Members may purchase passes through "Shop On-line Catalog" button in the member portal. 
  • Refunds are not provided for "no-shows". 
  • The Park is not designed to host a large number of adults (family members) seated in the picnic area. Celebrations should be limited to children-only parties at the Park.
  • Adults need to interact with and keep in visual contact with the children in the play areas at all times.
  • Park Rules require at least one Responsible Adult (age 18+) for every 5 children in the group. 
  • Shoes/socks are required at all times. Bare feet are not permitted. 

Prohibited Items:  Glass, gum, balloons, crockpots, lighted food/drink warmers, pinatas & wall decorations.

Read this FAQ for more information: How are birthday parties handled?

field trip discount

A discount is available for childcare, educational or other business organizations who bring a group of 25 or more children to the Park on a single, pre-scheduled date. The rate is $6.00 per child (plus tax if applicable). Refunds for 'no shows' are not provided. 

Please contact Bonnie at or call Bonnie at 651.454.5736 to schedule a field trip during weekdays. The group discount is not available on Friday nights, Saturdays or Sundays.

become a member

Purchase Now

Memberships are available for those families who want regular & ongoing access to the Park. A family membership allows unlimited access for the Responsible Adult(s) and Child(ren) paid under the membership for the duration of the membership.

  • Free admission for children under 1 year old.
  • Free admission for Responsible Adult(s) age 18 years and older accompanying children.

Recurring Month-to-Month 

The first payment includes the prorated cost for the month purchased (based upon purchase date) plus the next full month. 

The membership automatically continues with a recurring payment on the 1st of each month, unless cancelled with 30 days’ notice prior to the next payment date. (How Do I Cancel FAQ) 

1 Child $15.00
2 Children $28.00
3 Children $36.00
4 Children $48.00
5 Children $55.00

 **Taxes not included. Prices subject to change.

The full cost of the membership is due at time of purchase.

1 Child $115.00
2 Children $195.00
3 Children $275.00
4 Children $355.00
5 Children $435.00

**Taxes not included. Prices subject to change.

  • The entrance code will appear on the screen after the purchase is processed & it will print on the emailed receipt. 
  • The entrance code provides any-time access to the Park by entering the 5-digit code (plus the # sign) into the keypad by the locked interior door in the members entrance. 
  • The entrance code will stay the same for as long as the membership is active.

Membership Advantages:

  • Save time - Register only once
  • Play any day & any time with continuous facility entrance code
  • Enjoy reduced rates per visit
  • Add-on Play Today passes for guests for $7.00 through Member Portal-Shop On-line Catalog tool 


Open 7 days a week:
7:00 AM - 9:30 PM

park owner information

Good Times Park Inc. is a family-owned business. It was created by parents who believe daily play is essential to child development.

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