gtp field

Kids & adults of all ages will enjoy playing in our spacious Good Times Park Field, featuring artificial turf flooring and a wide variety of game activities such as soccer, football toss, hula hoops, and other balance or 'soft' ball activities. Otherwise, just use GTP Field to create a game of tag for the whole family.

Kicking/throwing balls towards the ceiling should be avoided.
Please return the balls & other toys you used to the racks & baskets before leaving GTP Field.

park rules
Parent-hosted group play time, birthday parties/activities, presents & cup/cakes are not permitted.

Shoes & socks are required. Bring your own socks. Bare feet are not allowed.

Paid admission is required for each child through 17 years.

Food & beverages are permitted in the picnic area only. Leave your table area clean. 

Adult (18+) supervision required at all times. Children may not be left alone in the Park.