imagine & build

With a focus on loose parts, Imagination Playground offers a changing array of elements that allows children to constantly reconfigure their environment and to design their own course of play.

Crates overflow with giant foam blocks, noodles, fabric and balls for children to play, dream, build & explore endless creative possibilities. 

Imagine & Build Play Standards:

  • Food & beverages (including water) are not permitted in the play area.
  • Sharing is a must!
  • Return play pieces not being used to the storage carts so others know they are available for playing.
  • Do not throw balls or “sword fight” with noodles.
  • Do not remove fabrics, blocks or balls to other areas of the Park, including the picnic area.
  • Keep your feet on the ground; Do not climb or sit on top of any block structures, storage carts orsurrounding green wall & window sills.
  • Immediately clean all bio-accidents with supplies by the first aid center & report incident to Park owners.


park rules
Parent-hosted group play time, birthday parties/activities, presents & cup/cakes are not permitted.

Shoes & socks are required. Bring your own socks. Bare feet are not allowed.

Paid admission is required for each child through 17 years.

Food & beverages are permitted in the picnic area only. Leave your table area clean. 

Adult (18+) supervision required at all times. Children may not be left alone in the Park.