picnic area

The self-use, self-clean indoor picnic area provides seating for 125 people, including offering seven separate 8-foot tables for larger groups. Be sure to pack a nutritious snack & bring your water bottle to refill in the bottler filler at the drinking fountain.

Concessions are not available; however, beverage and snack vending is provided. This is the only area in the Park where food and drink are allowed.

Be sure to wash your hands before & after eating and please leave your picnic site cleaner than you found it!

park rules

Bring socks, which are required to jump. Bare feet are not allowed anywhere in the Park.

Parent-hosted group play time/birthday parties, birthday activities, presents & cup/cakes are not permitted.

Paid admission required for children ages 1 through 17 years.

Food & beverages permitted in the picnic area only. Guests are expected to clean their table area when done eating. 

Adult (18+) supervision required at all times. Children may not be left alone in the Park.