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3 ways to play

Good Times Park Little Tykes Zone
Good Times Park - Little Playground
Good Times Park - Large Playground

single day pass

recurring monthly membership

yearly membership

  • Single day pass

  • Purchase for same day or future date

  • Cost: $12.00 + tax per child (Age 0-17)

Enjoy ongoing, unlimited access to the park for the child(ren) covered by the membership until cancelled through the Member Portal.  Memberships are non-transferrable. Partial months are non-refundable.

Enjoy one year of unlimited access to the park for the child(ren) covered by the membership.  Memberships are non-transferrable and non-refundable.  Yearly memberships do not automatically renew. 

Good Times Park - Yearly Rates
Good Times Park - Monthly Rates


Admission Requirements: Paid admission is required for each child through 17 years old.  There is no charge for babies under 1 year with the paid admission for an older sibling or supervising adults age 18+ years.

Single-child households with infants (under one) must purchase a paid admission to receive an entrance code and to acknowledge the park's liability waiver.

Making a Payment: On the date that you'll be playing at the Park, go to to purchase a DAY PASS for each child or a MEMBERSHIP before you arrive at the Park. Cash payments are not accepted.

STEP 1: Click the 'BUY TICKETS' button to complete an on-line purchase, being sure to pay for each child age through 17 years old.

STEP 2: The assigned entrance code will display on the screen following your purchase. Your entrance code will be emailed to you but keep a record to make sure you have it.

STEP 3: Input your assigned 6-digit entrance code (followed by the # sign) into the keypad by the entrance door before entering (& reentering) the Park.


VIOLATORS will be charged for full admission plus an administrative fee of $20

Good Times Park - Buy Tickets Button

Click on ticket above to make your purchase. You will be re-directed to our secure purchasing system. 

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